It’s that time of year again…

Belezza, of Dolce Bellezza, has just started up her 4th Japanese Literature Challenge (one of the very few challenges on the blosphere that I participate in!). Check out the site, read the reviews and feel inspired to read some classic or contemporary works from the land of the rising sun.

Oh, and be warned: expect to see a good few reviews of Japanese books here too over the next few months…


6 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again…

  1. I already have two more winging their way over from England via the Book Depository, so I hope to get my first review for this challenge out in a couple of weeks 🙂


  2. Always, there are always good reviews from you! Can't wait!

    I haven't decide what to read yet, besides Norwegian Wood which sits on my pile for 8 months now.


  3. Well, there'll be plenty of reviews on the site(from me and dozens of other bloggers), so perhaps you should just wait and see what sounds interesting! Of course, Murakami and Mishima would be my top recommendations, but it's also about discovering someone new 😉


  4. I should hope so too – you, Bellezza and Tanabata are my resource for all things and literature Japanese! My list is a little pedestrian but I hope a review *here* and there will inspire me.


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