Oliphant, Oliphant (not an Elephant)

Here’s another lengthy Vlog to keep you all going, this time discussing why I bought a Kindle and the similarities between the best-known works of Anthony Trollope and Margaret Oliphant Oliphant 😉

Feel free to sleep through it…

Oops.  In the Vlog, I make mention of the University of Iowa – it should be the University of Illinois! Mea culpa…
Salem Chapel links:
Other links:



5 thoughts on “Oliphant, Oliphant (not an Elephant)

  1. One branch of my antecedents were Scottish Methodists, which is why my family embraced atheism! Not exactly a fun crowd, those Chapel folk.

    The quality of many scanned eBooks is a bit ordinary, that's for sure. If they're going to the trouble of scanning them, why not spend a bit of extra time and edit them? It taks me ages to figure out phrases sometimes, which is frustrating.

    Hope you're feeling better(ish)!


  2. Great minds and all that – having finally discovered Trollope I decided to go back and read some more Oliphant. 2nd hand copies of the Carlingford Chronicles are quite cheap in the uk so mine are all on paper. I've just read 'The Rector and the Doctors Family' and am half way through Salem Chapel (which so far I'm enjoying).

    I think Miss Marjoriebanks is considered the masterpiece of the series, and it's excellent. Anyway I really enjoyed the vlog, and like knowing someone is reading the same books.


  3. Violet – I think this was strictly an amateur, for-the-love-of-it job (and, unfortunately, there may well be one more of those to come…). Of course, having read lots of books in German, I am well used to having no idea what's going on for a line (or page) or two 😉

    Desperate Reader – I am now cursing Wikipedia, which told me that 'Salem Chapel' was first (not that it matters, but it's the principle…). Good to hear that the best is yet to come though 🙂


  4. It's nice to see you on your vlog Tony:) I still haven't managed to read any Trollope yet but since you and Hayley (Desperate Reader) have been going on about it, it's slowly seeping into my consciousness that I really should at some point!


  5. Yes, you should! Now! Drop what you're doing, and read one of his books!

    Unless, of course, you're driving… or performing brain surgery. In that case, do it later 😉


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