The Shortest Longlist Ever?

We interrupt the plethora of German Literature Month review posts to announce something slightly different…

As it’s now official, I can share the news with all and sundry – my little blog has been longlisted for the Classics category of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards for 2011 🙂  Longlist is a little bit of a misnomer though, as there only five blogs vying for this award (which perhaps reflects the amount of interest in classics in the blogosphere…).  Be that as it may, the nominees, three of whom will go forward to the shortlist, are:

I am very happy to be in such company – great blogs all.  Please take the time to have a look at what they’re offering to lovers of classic literature 🙂

I believe that we will now all be judged on the five posts we submitted for perusal, mine being:

A big thank you to all who nominated me for this award, and a big hug to all those who actually bother to read (and comment on) my rambling posts on a semi-regular basis.  A little appreciation goes a long way, and I can assure you that I feel extremely appreciated!  To show this appreciation, I’m posting a photo for you all; here I am, relaxing after a hard day’s blogging with a glass of red and a special friend.

I do smile sometimes – honest…

Normal service will be resumed in a couple of days…

9 thoughts on “The Shortest Longlist Ever?

  1. A big thanks to you all, and it's very nice to see a few fellow nominees here (as well as the usual suspects!). It will be interesting to see how it pans out, and I would love to know what criteria we're actually being judged on… and who the judges are (and whether they even like classic literature!).

    The main thing, of course, is to promote the idea that there is something out there beyond the novels doing the current rounds…


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