September 2011 Wrap-Up

After two heavily-scheduled months of reading, September was an opportunity to relax a little – at least, that was the plan.  What actually happened was that I was lucky enough to receive some rare review copies of new books that I had been hoping to read, so I didn’t really get through everything I wanted to have a look at.  Still, there’s nothing new about that…

Total Books Read: 8
Year-to-date: 96

New: 6
Rereads: 2

From the Shelves: 6
From the Library: 2
On the Kindle: 0
Novels: 6
Short Stories: 2
Non-English Language: 2 (2 Japanese)
Aussie Author Challenge: 4 (17/12)
Victorian Literature Challenge: 1 (27/15)
Japanese Literature Challenge 5: 2 (4/1)

Tony’s Recommendations for September are: Arnold Zable’s Violin Lessons and
Elliot Perlman’s The Street Sweeper

Only eight books this month, but it was a vintage crop.  While both my Japanese offerings were as enjoyable as ever, and Fflur Dafydd’s imaginative retelling of an ancient myth was a lot of fun, I was leaning towards the wonderful Phineas Finn for a while.  However, the two Australian books on learning from the past, the slight, enigmatic Violin Lessons, and the weighty, densely-plotted The Street Sweeper are two books which simply cannot (and shouldn’t) be ignored…

Off we go into October then.  What’s up for this month?  Well, I’ve got a lot of reading to do for something that’s happening next month – and some of you may even know what that is 😉  Also, I have a big milestone coming up.  For the first time in the three years of Tony’s Reading List, I should (fingers crossed) crack three figures in October.  The champagne is already on ice!


7 thoughts on “September 2011 Wrap-Up

  1. Some great books here as per, & I've finally got around to adding Soseki to my list as I now have a copy of Botchan. Here's to the 3 figures & to the great expectation at the end of the month(have ordered my copies)


  2. Go, Tony! Looks like you're over-achieving on a couple of the challenges. 🙂 I haven't read any on your list, but it's a quality selection. How can it be October already? Nearly time to do the yearly reckoning!


  3. Gary – Yay! Soseki is well worth the effort 🙂 And that's not actually the event I am referring to (I'm still working on getting a copy of that one!) – I'll be reading a lot at the end of this month in preparation for Lizzy's little event in November…

    Violet – Thanks 🙂 I'm definitely well ahead on most of my challenges – at the start of the year, I really thought I'd struggle to get through 15 V-Lit books…

    …and yes, October already, and the Christmas food is already out in Coles 😉


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