November 2011 Wrap-Up – German Literature Month

November (of course) has been dominated by German Literature Month, and this is reflected in my list for the month – not a word of English to be seen 🙂  I have thoroughly enjoyed my few weeks of Teutonic texts, but I’m also glad to have it behind me as I really need a break from the frequent posting it entailed 😉

It would be remiss of me to end the month without a shout-out to the wonderful organisers of the whole affair, Lizzy and Caroline.  I’m sure it was a nightmare keeping everything running smoothly, and it didn’t show at all: DANKE SCHÖN!!!   

Seriously though, it has been a wonderful opportunity to discuss German-language books, something that can be difficult (certain of my G-Lit posts in the past have generated exactly zero comments…).  I’ve also found a lot of new bloggers who read and review the same kind of books I do – a relief after the disaster that was BBAW…

I greatly enjoyed the two read-alongs, the first I’ve participated in, as it was refreshing to get to see so many different opinions on one book.  I was even inspired to watch a film version of one of the books – even if it was a rather old, staid adaptation 😉  You want more?  How about my three-part Kafka tribute play?  Or my first ever post in German?  Now that is one busy month!

I get the feeling you’re still expecting something else though…  Oh, alright, here are the numbers 🙂

Total Books Read: 11

Year-to-date: 117
New: 11
Rereads: 0

From the Shelves: 6
From the Library: 0
On the Kindle: 5
Novels: 3
Novellas: 7
Short Stories: 1
Non-English Language: 11 (11 German)
In Original Language: 11 (11 German)

Books read in November were:
1) Das Schloß by Franz Kafka (Act One, Act Two, Act Three, Director’s Cut)

5) Effi Briest by Theodor Fontane (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Aussie Author Challenge: 0 (19/12)
Victorian Literature Challenge: 3 (31/15)
Japanese Literature Challenge 5: 0 (6/1)

Tony’s Recommendation for November is: Stefan Zweig’s Schachnovelle

I had a good think about this one!  I thoroughly enjoyed the Gothic stylings of Die schwarze Spinne, and as an introduction to Stefan Zweig, Schachnovelle was a real pleasure.  However, I’m a big fan of Fontane’s work (and a big fan of novels over novellas), so his classic story of marriage and betrayal just about squeaks home as Klassenprimus this month.  But only just 🙂  Sorry, there’s been a recount.  After rereading Schachnovelle, I’ve decided that Zweig is the winner by a nose.  No correspondence will be entered into 😉

December?  Rest, a slow-down in posting, and a fair proportion of rereading old friends I suspect.  Mind you, I’ve said that before…


9 thoughts on “November 2011 Wrap-Up – German Literature Month

  1. I feel like writing a more personal wrap-up as well.
    You have been very prolific. The more we went into the month te less I was reading. I was reading blog posts instead. Now I'm back to reading whatever I like whenever I like and there is some serious Literature and War Readalong planning going on- Btw Coventry will very probabaly one of them (hint, hint, hint).
    So Schachnovelle won after all…
    I'm a novella fan to be honest.


  2. Good for you you enjoyed Zweig so much, he was a prolific writer? Is there anything better than to try a new writer, love the book and discover there are many others available?

    I'll keep on reading your reviews, so there's a chance that there won't be posts with 0 comment in the future. I like to leave at least a “Hello, I've read you review” comment any time I read something.



  3. Caroline – I put a *lot* of effort into the month (probably a bit too much!). I do like the German novella, but I always go back to the meaty novels in the end. I do wish there were some more Fontanes around in 19th-C G-Lit 😉

    Emma – I'm sure I'll be reading a lot more Zweig in the future, especially as there's a lot out there 🙂 And thank you for your comments!

    Novroz – As Caroline said, there were lots of novellas this month (which makes it easier to rack up big numbers!).


  4. you did so much better than I did I just fizzled out had a lot of books read but then life got in way ,oh well now to debate whether just blog them now or save them til next year ,all the best stu


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