December 2011 Wrap-Up

For once, I’ve been true to my word – December has been a very messy month, with a few new books scattered amongst a bit of rereading and reviewing.  In truth, I’ve just been sorting out odds and ends before starting up again in the New Year (when I will begin my fourth year of blogging!).

2011 has been a fairly good year, despite a couple of lulls in the middle.  Over the past four months, I’ve been getting more visits and page views than ever, the numbers steadily increasing each month.  Obviously, I’m doing something right (or I’m checking out my blog myself in my sleep…).  Thanks to all who regularly visit and comment 🙂

I’ll be doing my traditional yearly awards at the start of January, so I won’t be doing any big retrospective today.  However, I will (as usual) be giving you the low down on what happened this month – one last time…

Total Books Read: 6

Year-to-date: 123
New: 4
Rereads: 2

From the Shelves: 3
From the Library: 2
On the Kindle: 1
Novels: 5
Novellas: 0
Short Stories: 1
Non-English Language: 4 (2 Japanese, 1 Spanish, 1 Swedish)
3) 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (Book One, Book Two, Book Three)
Reread and reviewed this month:
Reviewed (but not read) this month:
Indelible Ink by Fiona McGregor

Murakami Challenge: 1! (4/3)

Aussie Author Challenge: 1 (20/12)
Victorian Literature Challenge: 1 (32/15)
Japanese Literature Challenge 5: 2 (8/1)

Tony’s Recommendation for December is: Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84

Just six books to choose from, and for a Murakamiphile like me, it was really an easy decision.  Yes, 1Q84 is flawed (and I will be debating the pros and cons of the book more in the New Year), but it’s still a fascinating book, and one which all fans of the Japanese maestro should read.  You’re not a fan?  Well, that’s a different story…

Drop by again in a few days then, to see my look back at 2011, including a few interesting numbers and my choices for both Turkey of the Year (self-explanatory, surely!) and Book of the Year – don’t miss it 😉


9 thoughts on “December 2011 Wrap-Up

  1. Maybe you are doing something right. I have a feeling German Literature Month has also had the side effect of new acquaintances for all of us, don't you think? I have new and more visitors but must say, I do not have the spectacular heights of November anymore. I cannot say the numbers increase constantly, it's more up and down.
    I want to see that Turkey. Kleist?


  2. I definitely have a slightly different circle of blogs and commenters since German Literature Month, and my numbers have been gradually increasing – December is double August for both visits and page views 🙂

    As for the turkey, you'll see tomorrow 😉


  3. And a Happy New Year to you too Emma 🙂

    Yes, G-Lit month probably shifted the focus of my circle of bloggers slightly, with a few more European bloggers and some more literary inclined people – which is a good thing 😉


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