Introducing January in Japan!

As promised, I’ll be hosting a J-Lit event at the start of 2013, entitled January in Japan.  I’ve created a separate site for the event, so please take a look, follow the new blog and sign up – it’ll be worth it, promise 😉


9 thoughts on “Introducing January in Japan!

  1. Emma – I'm well aware of the JLC (I've particpated for the past four years), and it's why I've never run a J-Lit event before. However, this year's event has been very slow, with only a fraction of the reviews of previous years.

    I think that over the past few years monthly events have taken the place of year-long challenges as people are able to focus better on a shorter event.

    Also, this is not a competitor for Bellezza's event – I have clearly linked to her challenge and encourage cross-posting. My event will also have a lot more input apart from reviews, such as guest posts and giveaways.

    Oh, and Bellezza herself has signed up too 🙂


  2. Count me in! My blog is too busy until the end of the year to do an intro post but I will do one in January and try and read at least one book. s far as I know Bellezza's event is still running and so I'll be able to enter both of your events.


  3. Caroline – You've been added to the list 🙂 As I said above, one of my aims was to kick-start Bellezza's event. A few years back there were hundreds of reviews – this year there have been 61 so far, and eight of those were posted by me…


  4. It touches me that WordsandPeace was thinking of me, but when it comes to enjoying literature, especially Japanese, I feel it's all for one and one for all. We're a united force on touting its worth!

    You bring up an interesting point about the reviews (enthusiasm?) being less than abundant this year. Perhaps like anything, after awhile it becomes a bit stale. That's another reason why your Japan in January is a good thing as it brings a freshness. I think I ought to return to giving monthly prizes on the JLC as I used to do.

    Thanks for being a faithful friend, Tony, and of course I put you JLIJ button on my blog.


  5. Bellezza – Thanks for your support. Of course, the main thing is to refresh people's interest in the whole point of the challenges – reading and enjoying Japanese literature 🙂


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