January in Japan 2014

We interrupt coverage of German Literature Month for a breaking news flash – it has just been announced that January in Japan will be back in 2014!  Yes, that’s right, another month of J-Lit wonders to enjoy as you struggle through the cold winter days (or go to the beach – depends where you are…).  January is also the last month of Bellezza’s Japanese Literature Challenge, so the event will give you all a reason to fit in a final book or two before it’s all over.

So, what’s it all about?  Pretty simple, really.  You just have to read, and review, any work of Japanese literature next January and then post the review to the January in Japan Blog.  Last year, we had about seventy reviews, of all kinds of books (classics to crime, romance to non-fiction), and I’m hoping for more this time around.  Remember – anything is OK, as long as it’s made in Japan 😉

That’s not all though.  Last year saw the start of the J-Lit Giants project, easy introductions to big names in Japanese literature, with seven posts contributed by myself and a few other bloggers.  This year, I hope to continue the series, and I’d appreciate your help with this.  If anyone is interested in submitting a piece, please let me know, and we can arrange for you to add to the list of biographies.  I’d be particularly interested in having people write about female writers as there was no giantess among the first group of giants…

Once again, I’ll be trying to keep up with the literary news from Japan (and it’s amazing how much there is when you actively look for it).  If anyone has any favourite sites, just send me the links as I’d love to add them to the list (which badly needs overhauling…).  I’m also sure that Momotarō will be back each Sunday with his Nichi-Yōbi News segment, keeping us all up-to-date with what’s happening 😉 

In short, then:

– Keep a reading spot in January free for J-Lit
– Think about who should be in the next group of inductees for our Hall of Fame
– Send me your links to great J-Lit sites

Oh, and there may well be a readalong and (if you’re lucky) also a prize or two.  So, what are you waiting for?  Bookmark the January in Japan blog today:)

24 thoughts on “January in Japan 2014

  1. Tony: you have a great sense of humour. Can't promise that I'll join in but I have a couple of Japanese books here I bought after last year's event ( I read one for last year). Anyway, don't hold your breath, but you never know…


  2. My good resolution for next year is to read more Japanese and German literature (probably influenced unconsciously by you, Bellezza and Lizzy and Caroline). And I hope that January will be a quieter month with less work and travel, so that I actually get to participate for once, instead of just reading your reviews and looking longingly on…


  3. count me in Tony got a few I ve brought last year or two but so few Japanese books available second hand may visit library next month see what I can find ,all the best stu


  4. I've been so out of it (new job, new house, etc.) that I completely missed the J-Lit Challenge 7… But I did read a bunch of Japanese literature so I might make a post in retrospect 😉
    Anyway, I actually came here to say: yay another January in Japan! I can't wait and will definitely be participating again 🙂


  5. Carola – Please do – I'd love to know what you've been reading 🙂

    January in Japan will (hopefully) be bigger and better this year, and more information will be coming out on the JinJ site very soon…


  6. Hi Tony, I do not have my own blog but I publish my reviews at TheReadingRoom.com (where I also work, although my reviews are my personal opinions) Could I contribute to your challenge here? Is Natsuo Kirino acceptable or is she too main stream? I loved Out and this will give me a perfect excuse to read Grotesque.


  7. I went right into writing a quick&dirty flashback on the J-lit I've been reading since January in Japan. Check it out (although it doesn't actually… say much haha).

    I'll keep an eye on January in Japan (already following on Feedly, so I definitely can't miss it!)


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