‘The Pointless Leopard’ by Colas Gutman (Review)

IMG_5198My little assistant, Emily, has had a lot of fun reading and reviewing the books sent to us by the kind people at Pushkin Children’s Books, and so far she’s enjoyed everything she’s read.  However, all good things must come to an end, and today sees Emily reviewing a book she didn’t enjoy quite as much as the others.  Let’s see what she has to say about it…

What’s the name of the book, and who is it by?
The book is called The Pointless Leopard, and it’s by Colas Gutman (and it’s translated by Stephanie Seegmuller).

What’s it about?
It’s about this boy called Leonard that doesn’t like the country or the walks that his parents take in it.  One day, he meets some talking animals and has a question for his parents – what are kids for?

Did you like it?  Why (not)?
I did *not* like it.  It was a bit boring because it was just about this boy and talking animals 😦

What was your favourite part?
When it ended 😉

Was it difficult to read?
No way – it was sooo easy…

Would you recommend this book to other boys and girls?  Why (not)?
I think it would be a good book for kids that are just just just starting to read chapter books.  But for older kids, it wouldn’t be so good 😦

Emily, thank you very much.

Oh, dear…  I’m afraid that this one was not a big success 😦  Emily read it a couple of times, but she wouldn’t change her mind – for her, this was a bit of a baby book.  However, there are extenuating circumstances – I promise!

The Pointless Leopard is a fairly short and simple read, and Emily is simply (and paradoxically) both too old and too young for the book.  It’s thirty-five pages of spaced-out large print interspersed with Delphine Perret’s excellent sketches, and for a girl who has become accustomed to Erich Kästner books, this was one she could whip through in about five minutes (if that).  It’s little wonder that she wasn’t overly enamoured with it.

However, it’s actually quite a subtle story in many ways, and I think I probably appreciated it more than she did.  The whole concept of the book is the idea of children not having a use, and it’s an amusing little piece for adults, who have to assure their kids that they are good for something after all 😉  It is easy to read, but it would be great for a beginning reader, or for a parent to read to their child, with a few silly jokes for the young (and young at heart!).

Sadly, though, it wasn’t for Emily, so I doubt this one will be taking pride of place in her collection alongside The Parent Trap and Dot & Anton.  Still, we can’t like every book we read – perhaps that’s the lesson my daughter has to take from today’s experience.  It’s one I learned a long, long time ago 😉

2 thoughts on “‘The Pointless Leopard’ by Colas Gutman (Review)

  1. I was very sad when my older son refused to read a more subtle book because it didn’t have any proper ‘baddies’ in it. I was trying to move him away from fantasy- just a little bit. Then again, he read ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NIghttime’ and liked it (although perhaps not as much as Narnia etc.)


    1. Marina Sofia – This is probably a book which needs to be read to a younger child; those between the ages of five and thirty might not enjoy it as much as a parent and a young child at story time 😉


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