August 2015 Wrap-Up – Women in Translation Month

a409c-julyAugust was, of course, Women in Translation Month, and as you’ll see from the list of reviews below, I was a very busy boy all month.  There was lots of reading, lots of reviewing – and a couple of trips to the Melbourne Writers Festival too (write-ups forthcoming).  A big month, then – so let’s get down to business…

Total Books Read: 15
Year-to-Date: 109

New: 10
Rereads: 5

From the Shelves: 5
Review Copies: 7
From the Library: 2
On the Kindle: 2 (1 review copy)

Novels: 11
Novellas: 1
Short Stories: 2
Non-Fiction: 1

Non-English Language: 15 (3 Japanese, 3 Korean, Russian, Catalan, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Icelandic, German, Italian, Various)
In Original Language: 2 (French, German)


Books reviewed in August were:

1) Rock, Paper, Scissors by Naja Marie Aidt (at Words Without Borders)
2) White Horse by Yan Ge
3) Dinge, die verschwinden (Things that are Disappearing) by Jenny Erpenbeck
4) The True Deceiver by Tove Jansson
5) The Moomins and the Great Flood by Tove Jansson
6) Salad Anniversary by Machi Tawara
7) Contradictions by Yang Gui-ja
8) Self-Portrait in Green by Marie NDiaye
9) The Mountain and the Wall by Alisa Ganieva
10) Music and Literature Number 6
(Alejandra Pisarnik, Victoria Polevá and Dubravka Ugrešić)

11) The House in Smyrna by Tatiana Salem Levy (at Shiny New Books)
12) Train de nuit avec suspects (Night Train with Suspects) by Yoko Tawada
13) A Man of His Word by Imma Monsó
14) Happy are the Happy by Yasmina Reza
15) The Story of the Lost Child by Elena Ferrante

Tony’s Turkey for August is: Machi Tawara’s Salad Anniversary

For some, this would be a delightful change from more literary fare.  For me, it was a fluffy ball of cutesy poetry – and a bit of a turkey to boot 😦

Tony’s Recommendation for August is: Elena Ferrante’s The Story of the Lost Child

With such a large number of books to choose from, it was inevitable that competition would be fierce this month.  Books in contention included The True Deceiver and Rock, Paper, Scissors, but it turned out that I had kept the best for last – the mysterious Ferrante takes out this month’s prize 🙂

After a rather busy month on the blogging front, I’m hoping September will be a little more relaxing.  That doesn’t mean I’ll be slacking off in terms of quality, though – stay tuned for some more great books over the coming weeks 😉

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