September 2015 Wrap-Up

While September saw me attempt to get through some more review copies, I didn’t actually 3763f-img_3572manage to post as many reviews as usual.  This was because I was still catching up with my outings to the Melbourne Writers Festival, with posts looking at my Saturday and Sunday visits, plus a piece urging the organisers to focus more on literature in translation next year.  That may, or may not, happen, but one thing’s for sure – there’s plenty of that happening around here.  And if you want proof… 😉

Total Books Read: 14
Year-to-Date: 123

New: 10
Rereads: 4

From the Shelves: 5
Review Copies: 7
From the Library: 2
On the Kindle: 1 (1 review copy)

Novels: 12
Novellas: 1
Short Stories: 1
Non-Fiction: 0

Non-English Language: 14 (5 French, 2 Spanish, 2 Korean, German, Flemish, Japanese, Hungarian, Norwegian)
In Original Language: 3 (2 French, German)


Books reviewed in September were:

1) Another Man’s City by Ch’oe In-ho
2) Three Stories by Choe In-ho
3) The Miner by Natsume Sōseki
4) A Time for Everything by Karl Ove Knausgaard
5) Tram 83 by Fiston Mwanza Mujila
6) Verre Cassé (Broken Glass) by Alain Mabanckou
7) Paris Nocturne by Patrick Modiano
8) Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me by Javier Marías
9) Gehen, ging, gegangen (Go, Went, Gone) by Jenny Erpenbeck

Tony’s Turkey for September is: Nothing

A good, solid month – no turkeys here 🙂

Tony’s Recommendation for September is:
Karl Ove Knausgaard’s’s A Time for Everything

I surprised myself a bit here, actually.  Lots of good books this month, but it was a straight contest between Knausi and Marías, one I fully expected the Spaniard (who might be worth a flutter come Nobel Prize time) to win.  However, when it was time to type in the name, it was the Norwegian who came out on top.  Both excellent books – for me, at this time, Knausgaard’s biblical musings were, well, excellenter 😉

October will be another packed month – I have a couple of ideas I want to run with before I get too preoccupied with the next major project.  Yes, German Literature Month is on the horizon, and as I mentioned a few days ago, I’ll be putting a lot of effort into the event.  Of course, I’ve got a lot of other reading and reviewing to do first – wish me luck…

4 thoughts on “September 2015 Wrap-Up

  1. I suppose, after reading a few books by him, you feel you know him so well you can call him Knausi… I had to laugh at that! You had a very good month of reads, I have to say – all books I want to look at myself. Well, do more than look at, read I mean.


    1. Marina Sofia – Old friends, me and Knausi, like that we are 😉

      It started off as a joke, really, but there’s actually a little bit of malice behind it. He takes himself so seriously that I use his nickname to reduce that artifical gap he’s created, an antidote to the pseudo-gravitas 😉


    1. Stu – Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Not long now before I start on the German-language books (not sure how accurate my preview post will prove to be either!).


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