2016 Reviews

This is a list of my 2016 reviews: click on the link to read the post 🙂
Reviews marked with asterisks are my recommendations each month.

124) Where Would You Like to Go? by Kim Ae-ran

123) Kwon Sun-chan and Nice People by Lee Ki-ho
122) Christmas at Thompson Hall & Other Christmas Stories by Anthony Trollope
121) The Beach at Night by Elena Ferrante

120) The Lost Daughter by Elena Ferrante
119) Frantumaglia by Elena Ferrante
*118) The Spirits of the Earth by Catherine Colomb*

117) Moshi Moshi by Banana Yoshimoto
116) To Begin at the Beginning by Javier Marías

115) The Story Smuggler by Georgi Gospodinov
114) Time in Gray by Bae Suah
113) Convalescence by Han Kang

November – German Literature Month
112) Italienische Reise (Italian Journey) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

111) Der geteilte Himmel (They Divided the Sky) by Christa Wolf

110) Katzen haben sieben Leben (Cats Have Seven Lives) & Schmutzige Nacht (Dirty Night) by Jenny Erpenbeck
*109) Die Verwirrungen des Zöglings Törleß (The Confusions of Young Törleß)
by Robert Musil*

108) Schwindel. Gefühle. (Vertigo) by W.G. Sebald
107) Blitzeis (Black Ice) by Peter Stamm
106) Wittgensteins Neffe (Wittgenstein’s Nephew) by Thomas Bernhard

105) Lettipark by Judith Hermann
104) Invasionen des Privaten (Invasions of the Private) by Anna Kim

103) The Unknown Huntsman by Jean-Michel Fortier

102) Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was by Sjón
101) Tow-Truck Pluck by Annie M.G. Schmidt & Fiep Westendorp
100) The Miracles of the Kasuga Deity by Royall Tyler

99) Long Belts and Thin Men – The Post-War Stories of Kojima Nobuo
98) Soccer in Sun and Shadow by Eduardo Galeano
97) Multiple Choice by Alejandro Zambra

96) Colonel Lágrimas by Carlos Fonseca
*95) A Greater Music by Bae Suah*
94) Anxiety of Words – Contemporary Poetry by Korean Women, Don Mee Choi (ed.)

93) One Hundred Shadows by Hwang Jungeun

92) The Human Jungle by Cho Chongnae

91) The Last Wolf & Herman by László Krasznahorkai
90) After the Circus by Patrick Modiano
89) Pedigree by Patrick Modiano

88) Lacombe Lucien by Patrick Modiano & Louis Malle
87) An Elephantasy by María Elena Walsh
86) About My Mother by Tahar Ben Jelloun
*85) Fish Have No Feet by Jón Kalman Stefánsson*
84) The Penalty Area by Alain Gillot

83) Affections by Rodrigo Hasbún

August – Women in Translation Month
82) Are You an Echo? The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko

81) Wildwitch: Wildfire by Lene Kaaberbøl
80) In altre parole (In Other Words) by Jhumpa Lahiri
79) Yo-yo by Steinunn Sigurðardóttir
78) Le Père de la petite (His Father’s Daughter) by Marie Sizun
77) Rina by Kang Young-sook

76) Como agua para chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate) by Laura Esquivel
*75) Death in Spring by Mercè Rodoreda*
74) Wörterbuch (The Book of Words) by Jenny Erpenbeck
73) The Nakano Thrift Shop by Hiromi Kawakami

72) The Transmigration of Bodies by Yuri Herrera

*71) War and War by László Krasznahorkai*

70) The Body Where I Was Born by Guadalupe Nettel
69) Ten Nights Dreaming and The Cat’s Grave by Natsume Sōseki
68) Vicious by Xurxo Barrazás
67) The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Literature by M. A. Orthofer
66) God is Round by Juan Villoro
65) Umami by Laia Jufresa

64) Beton (Concrete) by Thomas Bernhard

63) Life in the Court of Matane by Eric Dupont

62) Scenes from the Enlightenment by Kim Namcheon
61) Horses, Horses, in the End the Light Remains Pure by Hideo Furukawa

60) Pilon’s Pig by Yi Mun-yol
59) The Book of Khartoum, Raph Cormack & Max Schmookler (eds.)

58) Football by Jean-Philippe Toussaint
57) The Future of Silence – Fiction by Korean Women, Bruce & Ju-Chan Fulton (eds.)

56) Le Côté de Guermantes (The Guermantes Way) by Marcel Proust
*55) The Man I Became by Peter Verhelst*

54) The Prank of the Good Little Virgin of Via Ormea by Amara Lakhous

53) Ring Roads by Patrick Modiano
52) Villa Triste by Patrick Modiano
51) Suspended Sentences by Patrick Modiano
50) When Adam Opens His Eyes by Jang Jung-il
49) Thus Bad Begins by Javier Marías

48) ‘Rust’ & ‘Swamp’ by Yang Gui-ja
47) Modern Family by Cheon Myeong-kwan
46) The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen
45) The Portable Museum – Issue 2, from Ox and Pigeon
44) The Portable Museum – Issue 1, from Ox and Pigeon
*43) Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera*

42) The Helios Disaster by Linda Boström Knausgård

*41) Some Rain Must Fall by Karl Ove Knausgaard*
40) Lunatics, Lovers and Poets: Twelve Stories after Cervantes and Shakespeare

39) On Shakespeare’s Sonnets: A Poets’ Celebration
38) Ein ganzes leben / A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler
37) A Strangeness in My Mind by Orhan Pamuk
36) Ladivine by Marie NDiaye
35) Weit über das Land (Far across the Land) by Peter Stamm

34) Mend the Living by Malis de Kerangal

33) The Four Books by Yan Lianke
32) The Moving Fortress by Hwang Sun-won
31) A Cup of Rage by Raduan Nassar

*30) Hopscotch by Julio Cortázar*
29) A General Theory of Oblivion by José Eduardo Agualusa
28) The Boy Who Stole Attila’s Horse by Iván Repila
27) For Two Thousand Years by Mihail Sebastian
26) Fired by Chang Kangmyoung

25) Homecoming by Cheon Myeong-kwan
24) Time Difference by Baik Sou Linne
23) Old Man River by Lee Jang-wook
22) Ok-hwa by Geum Hee

21) Destruction and Sorrow beneath the Heavens by László Krasznahorkai

20) For Dignity, Justice, and Revolution: An Anthology of Japanese Proletarian Literature, edited by Heather Bowen-Struyk and Norma Field
19) Cousin Henry by Anthony Trollope
18) The Heredity of Taste by Natsume Sōseki
17) The Night Watch by Patrick Modiano
16) The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima
15) Human Acts by Han Kang
14) The Same City by Luisgé Martín
13) August, October by Andrés Barba
12) Tokyo Decadence by Ryū Murakami
*11) Your Face Tomorrow 3 – Poison, Shadow and Farewell by Javier Marías*

*10) Death by Water by Kenzaburō Ōe*
9) Cómo viajar sin ver (How to Travel without Seeing) by Andrés Neuman
8) Ground Zero, Nagasaki by Yūichi Seirai
7) Translator’s Blues by Franco Nasi
6) The Swan Whisperer by Marlene Van Niekerk
5) Meet at the Ark at Eight! by Ulrich Hub
4) Reading the Tale of Genji: Sources from the First Millennium
edited by Thomas Harper and Haruo Shirane
3) Your Face Tomorrow 2 – Dance and Dream by Javier Marías
2) Goodbye Tsugumi by Banana Yoshimoto
1) The Old Garden by Hwang Sok-yong