June 2016 Wrap-Up

June is the first month of winter in Australia, and while the word has a rather different June 2014meaning here than in other parts of the world (I’m looking at you, Canada), it can get rather chilly down Melbourne way.  All of which merely leads me to remark that I’ve been spending a lot of time inside reading this month (or, at least, I did until the football started – but I digress…), with books both old and new passing through my hands rather quickly.

Reviews?  Yes, there were a few of those too – but let’s focus on the numbers first…

Total Books Read: 16
Year-to-Date: 93

New: 11
Rereads: 5

From the Shelves: 6
Review Copies: 8
From the Library: 1
On the Kindle: 2 (1 review copy)

Novels: 10
Novellas: 0
Short Stories: 2
Non-Fiction: 4

Non-English Language: 15
(4 French, 3 Spanish, 3 German, 2 Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch )
In Original Language: 5 (3 German, 2 French)

Books Reviewed in June were:
1) The Man I Became by Peter Verhelst
2) Le Côté de Guermantes (The Guermantes Way) by Marcel Proust
3) The Future of Silence – Fiction by Korean Women
(edited by Bruce & Ju-Chan Fulton)

4) Football by Jean-Philippe Toussaint
5) The Book of Khartoum (edited by Raph Cormack & Max Schmookler)
6) Pilon’s Pig by Yi Mun-yol
7) Horses, Horses, in the End the Light Remains Pure by Hideo Furukawa
8) Scenes from the Enlightenment by Kim Namcheon
9) Life in the Court of Matane by Eric Dupont

Tony’s Turkey for June is:
Jean-Philippe Toussaint’s Football

Continuing my trend of being more critical this year, while Toussaint’s short collection of football-related musings isn’t as bad as many books I’ve chosen in the past, it was certainly the weakest of the books reviewed this month, meaning that it goes into cold storage for Christmas with the rest of the plucked birds 😉

Tony’s Recommendation for June is:
Peter Verhelst’s The Man I Became

Another tricky decision this month…  While Proust will obviously be in the conversation, the third part of his magnum opus isn’t always as enthralling as it might be, so I’m not going for the obvious choice.  There were some entertaining works this month from Korea (Kim), Japan (Furukawa) and Quebec (Dupont), but my recommendation, by a short (gorilla’s) nose is Peter Verhelst’s laconic look at what happens when we take civilisation to its extremes 🙂

July certainly isn’t going to get any warmer, so it’s good that I have a couple of blogging events to keep me warm inside.  First off, this month is Spanish-Language Literature Month over at Caravana de Recuerdos, and I’ll be chipping in as always with a review each Thursday.  Then, of course, we get to August’s Women in Translation Month, which has quickly become one of the most anticipated events around.  I have big plans for this year’s edition… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – enjoy your July first 😉


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