Peirene Now! Number 2: The Cut

peireneAs regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of Peirene Press and their annual collections of three linked novellas, and to date I’ve read virtually all of them (with another on its way very soon).  However, in addition to bringing European fiction to Anglophone shores, the Nymph and co. have branched out a little, with a new series of books originally written in English.  Peirene Now! is designed to react to events happening around us in the world, and (unfortunately…) there hasn’t exactly been a shortage of inspiration in recent times.

The first in the series, Breach, was inspired by the refugee issue and the rather inhumane response to it from certain quarters, and next year there’ll be a second book, one dealing with the reasons behind (and possibly the aftermath of) the UK’s decision to leave the EU.  It’s called The Cut and will be written by Anthony Cartwright, but it brings another first for Peirene as the publisher is hoping to crowdfund the book.  There’s a Kickstarter page hoping to raise £6,500 in order to ensure production of the book, and having benefited from Peirene’s generosity and taste over the past few years, I was happy to put my name down for a copy.

If you’re after more information, there’s a video at the Kickstarter page to help out, and if you like the look of this new project, you can support the book (there are various levels and packages to choose from) the-cutor perhaps simply spread the word.  Either way, if you’ve enjoyed the press’ books in the past, this would be a great way to show your appreciation – and help a new book make it into print 🙂


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