Women in Translation Month (2017) – From September to July…

As I’ve done for the past couple of years, today I’m supplementing my Women in Translation Month reviews with a list of books read and reviewed between the end of last year’s event and the start of the current month.  A wide range of countries and writers are featured – links, as always are to my reviews (the books with *stars* are my top recommendations)!


An Elephantasy by María Elena Walsh
*One Hundred Shadows by Hwang Jungeun*
Anxiety of Words – Contemporary Poetry by Korean Women, Don Mee Choi (ed.)
*A Greater Music by Bae Suah*
Tow-Truck Pluck by Annie M.G. Schmidt & Fiep Westendorp
Invasionen des Privaten (Invasions of the Private) by Anna Kim
Lettipark by Judith Hermann
Katzen haben sieben Leben (Cats Have Seven Lives) & Schmutzige Nacht (Dirty Night) by Jenny Erpenbeck
*Der geteilte Himmel (They Divided the Sky) by Christa Wolf*
Convalescence by Han Kang
Time in Gray by Bae Suah
Moshi Moshi by Banana Yoshimoto
*The Spirits of the Earth by Catherine Colomb*
*Frantumaglia by Elena Ferrante*
The Lost Daughter by Elena Ferrante
The Beach at Night by Elena Ferrante
Where Would You Like to Go? by Kim Ae-ran


As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams by Lady Sarashina
*Recitation by Bae Suah*
Wildwitch: Oblivion by Lene Kaaberbøl
The Last of Hanak’o by Ch’oe Yun
Christmas Specials by Kim Ae-ran
Wildwitch: Life Stealer by Lene Kaaberbøl
Nuuk #ohneFilter (Nuuk #nofilter, AKA HOMO Sapienne) by Niviaq Korneliussen
Wildwitch: Bloodling by Lene Kaaberbøl
*Record of a Night Too Brief by Hiromi Kawakami*
Land of Love and Ruins by Oddný Eir
*Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin*
Spring Garden by Tomoka Shibasaki
Kong’s Garden by Hwang Jung-eun
Swallowing Mercury by Wioletta Greg
Mirror, Shoulder, Signal by Dorthe Nors
*The Impossible Fairytale by Han Yujoo*
Time Differences by Yoko Tawada
Friendship for Grown-Ups by Nao-Cola Yamazaki
*Inheritance from Mother by Minae Mizumura*
Hot Air Balloon by Son Bo-mi
*Gold Rush by Yu Miri*
Little Mouse Helps Out by Riikka Jäntti
Spring Sleepers by Kyoko Yoshida
Evening Proposal by Pyun Hye Young
The World’s Most Expensive Novel by Kim Min-jung
Danny by Yun I-hyeong
Autopsy of a Father by Pascale Kramer

I hope there’s something here for you – if not, keep following my reviews for more choices 🙂

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