May 2019 Wrap-Up

If you go by the number of books read, or at least the statistics below, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I didn’t really have much time for reading in May.  However, the meagre figures hide the reality, which is that much of the month was spent rereading the books we shortlisted for the Shadow MBIP in preparation for awarding the prize (and, of course, we chose a different book to the one the official judges opted for!).  However, there was still a bit of time for a few new works, and even some reviews, too.  Let’s have a more detailed look at how the month panned out 🙂

Total Books Read: 6
Year-to-Date: 66

New: 5
Rereads: 1

From the Shelves: 1
Review Copies: 5
From the Library: 0
On the Kindle: 1 (1 review copy)

Novels: 4
Novellas: 1
Short Stories: 1
Non-Fiction: 0

Non-English Language: 6
(2 French, Romanian, German, Korean, Spanish)
In Original Language: 1 (German)

Books Reviewed in May were:
1) Stand-in Companion by Kazufumi Shiraishi
2) Backlight by Kanji Hanawa
3) Tokyo Performance by Roger Pulvers
4) An Englishman in Madrid by Eduardo Mendoza
5) Jalaleddin: A Portrayal of His Incursion by Raffi
6) In the End They Told Them All to Get Lost by Laurence Leduc-Primeau
7) Women by Mihail Sebastian
8) Animalia by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo

Tony’s Turkey for May is: Nothing

None of the books reviewed this month were that disappointing, so no turkeys this time around.

Tony’s Recommendation for May is:
Mihail Sebastian’s Women

Just as there was nothing overly disappointing in May, the competition at the other end wasn’t really that tight either.  It very soon came down to a two-way tussle between the books featured in my final pair of reviews, and while Animalia was probably the more ambitious novel, I couldn’t go past Sebastian’s wonderfully written (and translated) novel in four relationships.  For Two Thousand Years is a must read, and this one makes for a very enjoyable follow-up 🙂

June is shaping up to be rather cold and damp here in Melbourne, which (of course) means plenty of opportunities for curling up inside with a good book – so it’s lucky that I seem to have so many of them waiting to be read!  I won’t go into too much detail about what’s on the agenda, but I will reveal that there are several Korean books in the pipeline.  If that’s piqued your interest, come back soon to see exactly what I’m planning to try 🙂

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