November 2019 Wrap-Up – German Literature Month

7dca7-img_3647November is a reading month I always look forward to as it gives me an excuse, and the opportunity, to catch up with some German-language reading for German Literature Month.  However, once again this year, I spent most of it rereading old favourites as I didn’t have much time to spend on writing new reviews.  Why?  Well, that was because of my latest translation, Eduard Graf von Keyserling’s novella Seine Liebeserfahrung, which I brought into English as Experiences of Love.  I’m not sure how many people actually read it in the end, but I enjoyed translating it, and given that I didn’t actually start working on it until the first of the month, it was also an interesting experience…

Nevertheless, I did manage to slip in a few reviews, too – read on for the details and stats 🙂

Total Books Read: 11
Year-to-Date: 151

New: 5
Rereads: 6

From the Shelves: 9
Review Copies: 0
From the Library: 2
On the Kindle: 0 (0 review copies)

Novels: 5
Novellas: 4
Short Stories: 2
Non-Fiction: 0

Non-English Language: 10 (7 German, 2 Polish, Japanese)
In Original Language: 7 (7 German)

Books Reviewed in November were:
1) Seine Liebeserfahrung (Experiences of Love) by Eduard Graf von Keyserling
2) In fremden Gärten (In Strange Gardens) by Peter Stamm
3) Das siebte Kreuz (The Seventh Cross) by Anna Seghers
4) Medea. Stimmen (Medea. Voices) by Christa Wolf

Tony’s Turkey for November is: Nothing

With only four reviews posted, it was unlikely that there would be any stinkers, and so it proved 🙂

Tony’s Recommendation for November is:
Christa Wolf’s Medea. Stimmen (Medea. Voices)

I was never going to pick my own work, and Stamm’s collection, while interesting, was never much more than that, leaving just two real options this month.  I enjoyed Das siebte Kreuz much more than the other Seghers book I’ve read (Transit), but in truth, the result was never in doubt.  Medea. Stimmen is another fantastic work in the vein of Kassandra, and I’d recommend it to anyone with an interest in the classical world and quality literature 🙂

December will, hopefully, be a little calmer, with a slight change of direction to round off the year, including a few books originally written in English.  Never fear, though – there’ll be a good few translations reviewed, too.  To find out what, come back soon 😉

4 thoughts on “November 2019 Wrap-Up – German Literature Month

  1. Looks like a productive month to me, and thanks again for your translating efforts! I liked Transit, and would like to read a little more – although my view of Seghers has been amended slightly by some vaguely snarky comments about her by Victor Serge in his Notebooks….


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