June 2020 Wrap-Up

June is the first month of winter here in Australia, and with the weather getting colder, and little to do with my family in (self-imposed) lockdown, it was a perfect time for reading.  As you’ll see, I’ve been taking another look at several books from the shelves, both because I wanted to and because the usual trickle of review copies has slowed to the occasional drop in the letter box, but I’ve still managed to pump out the usual number of posts.

In addition, this month saw me bring back a couple of posts from elsewhere, namely an essay I wrote on Jun’ichirō Tanizaki a couple of years back and an older review of Tahar Ben Jelloun’s The Happy Marriage, so do check those out if you missed them first time around 🙂

Anyway, as always, the numbers are waiting – shall we?

Total Books Read: 11
Year-to-Date: 71

New: 5
Rereads: 6

From the Shelves: 6
Review Copies: 4
From the Library: 1
On the Kindle: 0 (0 review copies)

Novels: 1
Novellas: 9
Short Stories: 1
Non-Fiction: 0

Non-English Language: 11
(4 Norwegian, 3 French, 2 Japanese, Spanish, Hungarian)
In Original Language: 0

Books Reviewed in June were:

1) The Little Book of Passage by Franca Mancinelli
2) Arturo’s Island by Elsa Morante
3) Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami (Book One, Book Two)
4) Revenge of the Translator by Brice Matthieussent
5) The Wind That Lays Waste by Selva Almada
6) Love by Hanne Ørstavik
7) Ankomst by Gøhril Gabrielsen
8) Baron Wenckheim’s Homecoming by László Krasznahorkai

Tony’s Turkey for June is: Nothing

This was a fairly strong month, with not a turkey in sight – and that’s a good thing 🙂

Tony’s Recommendation for June is:
Elsa Morante’s Arturo’s Island

June saw me reviewing some excellent books, and in another month Kawakami’s feminist two-pack or Almada’s quiet, stripped-back novella might have taken the honours.  However, I really enjoyed my first taste of Morante’s fiction, and Arturo’s Island shows why she’s so highly regarded.

I’m not actually sure what July will bring as for the first time in a while it looks like I have some breathing space.  No doubt I’ll again be revisiting some old friends, but August isn’t too far away, so I’ve got one eye on the next big blogging event.  Let’s see what books by female writers I can find on the shelves.  If you’ll excuse me…

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