September 2020 Wrap-Up

As I write this, the latest of our State Premier’s daily COVID-19 updates has just ended, and while some restrictions have been eased, the reality is that few (if any…) of the changes will make a difference to my daily life.  It’s lucky, then, that I still have enough books to occupy me as we wait for things to open up a little more, as I seem to be spending much of my time reading, reviewing or taking my daughters for walks…

Anyway, with another month of reading ahead, I’d better take care of what happened in September – so, with your permision 😉

Total Books Read: 13
Year-to-Date: 112

New: 9
Rereads: 4

From the Shelves: 5
Review Copies: 8
From the Library: 0
On the Kindle: 0 (0 review copies)

Novels: 7
Novellas: 1
Short Stories: 3
Non-Fiction: 2

Non-English Language: 12
(3 Japanese, 3 Korean, Italian, German, Macedonian, Mandarin, French, Spanish)
In Original Language: 1 (German)

Books Reviewed in September were:

1) The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante
2) Eyes of the Rigel by Roy Jacobsen
3) The Sorrow of Miles Franklin beneath Mount Kajmakčalan by Ivan Čapovski
4) Hunter School by Sakinu Ahronglong
5) Who We’re Reading When We’re Reading Murakami by David Karashima
6) The Diary of 1636 by Na Man’gap
7) Tatouine by Jean-Christophe Réhel
8) Earthlings by Sayaka Murata

Tony’s Turkey for September is: Nothing

2020 hasn’t been the best of years, but at least the books have been good.  While I would probably have preferred it if Ivan Čapovski had left Miles Franklin *out* of his story of war in the Balkans, once again, I can’t really single out a bad read this month.

Which, of course, is a *good* thing 😉

Tony’s Recommendation for September is:
Elena Ferrante’s The Lying Life of Adults

I wasn’t sure whether Ferrante would be able to conjure up something special after her Neapolitan Novels, but The Lying Life of Adults is an excellent follow-up book, touching on the same themes but taking things in a different direction.  Murata’s edgy novel was a contender, as was Jacobsen’s excellent final instalment in his trilogy about a woman and her island, but it’s Ferrante who takes the honours this month 🙂

October will probably see me working my way through the few review copies that Australia Post have deigned to deliver recently (I’m convinced there are a lot more out there somewhere in postal limbo…), but I already have one eye on November.  That’s when German Literature Month is back, for its tenth edition, and I’ll be taking part in my usual manner with plenty of reviews and the possibility of more.

That’s a story for next month, though – let’s just look forward to October first, hopefully with some nice weather and even a few baby steps out of lockdown, too 😉

5 thoughts on “September 2020 Wrap-Up

  1. Thank you again, Tony! I guess it’s time for me to pick up the Ferrante novel and maybe even the Murata. I’ve read both authors prior including the entire Neopolitan series but the one prior work I tried I fount to be a wee bit too polemic. ??? Your page set up is perfect.

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