‘Wolf Girl 5’ by Anh Do (Review)

Well, as promised, Hayley’s last review looked at a book (and series) by a different author, but she’s still reading lots of books by her favourite writer, Anh Do, and today’s choice is one she’s been eagerly awaiting for ages (well, since the last one came out, anyway).  Of all the series that the prodigious Do has put out, Hayley’s favourite by far is Wolf Girl, so when the latest instalment arrived at our house, everything else was put on hold while she made her way through it.  So, did it live up to my little helper’s expectations?  Well, yes, obviously, but I’ll let her tell you all herself, before I go on to reveal a few more of the book’s secrets…

What’s the name of the book, and who is it by?
The book is called Wolf Girl 5: Across the Sea, and it’s written by Anh Do and illustrated by Lachlan Creagh.

What’s it about?
It’s about a girl called Gwen and her pack of dogs (and a wolf).  In this book, Gwen and her pack have to go on a ship to cross the sea in order to find her parents.  However, with the freezing tundra ahead of them, and one member of the pack with a cold, will they all be able to cross the sea safely?

Did you like it?  Why (not)?
Yes, because as usual it’s very exciting, and there’s lots of action – plus a new member joins the pack!

What was your favourite part?
Probably when they met the new member or the adventure at the end of the book…

Was it difficult to read?
Not really 🙂

Would you recommend this book to other boys and girls?  Why (not)?
Yes, especially if they like animals and a life in the pack!

Hayley, thank you very much 🙂

The arrival of a new Wolf Girl book has now become a major event in our house, and having somehow stumbled across news of the new book online (I’d been keeping it a secret!), Hayley was hanging out by the front door every day, hoping the postie would bring her a copy.  When it did finally arrive, there were definitely a few excited squeals before she retired to her bedroom to get started.

The latest instalment in the series sees Gwen’s mission to find her parents continuing, but there’s a distinct change of scenery.  There’s a chill in the air, and as the pack moves on, new dangers await:

Suddenly, Tiny started yapping.  I glanced over to see what had set him off.
The snow fox took off with Tiny in pursuit.
I shall catch you!  Tiny Barked.  You will not escape!
They were heading directly towards the ice.
“Tiny!” I shouted.  “Leave it!”
p.15 (Allen & Unwin)

I think you can guess what happens next…

The smallest member of the pack isn’t the only one in danger, though, and in this sense, Across the Sea is a slightly darker, more sombre book than earlier parts of the series.  As the gang head over the sea on their quest, the peril grows, and even though they manage to stow away aboard a boat, there’s always a chance of being discovered.  Sadly, not all of the pack will make it across the sea…

Across the Sea is another wonderful adventure for young children, with Do’s thrill-a-minute story complemented by Creagh’s artwork.  Even better, there’s a great new feature, a secret chapter at the end of the book that has to be cut open.  I did this when we first received the book, and amazingly Hayley managed not to peek ahead, and was eventually rewarded for her patience.  However, if you think your little reader might not be able to avoid taking a look, you can always leave it uncut until the end – it’s definitely worth the wait…

All in all, Wolf Girl 5 is another entertaining journey through Do’s world, and I’m not using the word ‘world’ lightly here.  You see, in a previous review, I hinted about the crossover potential of the writer’s latest few series, and let’s just say that after seeing what happens in this book, that possibility has firmed into a likelihood.  The Anhvengers, perhaps?  You heard it here first 😉

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