‘Rise of the Mythix’ by Anh Do (Review)

Hayley’s always happy when she’s sent shiny new books, particularly when they’re by her favourite writer, Anh Do, but one we were sent by Allen & Unwin some time ago had to wait a while for its turn.  You see, it was the third part in a series, but it was one my little helper hadn’t started, so we had to wait until we could source the first two books.  Eventually, having tracked down a library copy of the first book and a cheap copy of the second one on sale, she was able to try them all, and…  well, I’ll let her fill you in on the rest 😉

What’s the name of these books, and who are they by?
The series is called Rise of the Mythix, and it’s written by Anh Do and illustrated by Chris Wahl.

What are they about?
There are three teenagers – Kelly, Minh and Jimmy – who discover they have legendary powers.  Kelly, also known as the Golden Unicorn, can read thoughts and run faster than the wind, while Minh, also known as the Minotaur, is very strong and can throw things that are really heavy.  Finally, Jimmy, also known as the Griffin, can sort of fly!

These heroes must work together in order to stop the villain, William James.  He is the ruler of their country and has the power to put people in paintings, usually women!  Luckily, Kelly can stop William James with her powers, so the three friends, called the Mythix, combine their powers to defeat the evil ruler!

Did you like this series?  Why (not)?
Yes, because there is a lot of fantasy and action, and it is very exciting.

What was your favourite book so far?
Probably, the third one, Flight of the Griffin, as the main character is my favourite out of the Mythix, Jimmy.

Would you recommend this book to other boys and girls?  Why (not)?
Yes, especially if they like fantasy and, of course, action and dramatic endings!!!

Hayley, thank you very much 🙂

One of the interesting features of Anh Do’s latest collection of series is that they’re all slightly different in terms of genre.  From the slightly dystopian adventure stories of Wolf Girl, to the superhero/mutant-themed Skydragon books (not to mention the sci-fi stylings of the E-Boy series), there’s something there for everyone.  Again, Rise of the Mythix takes a slightly different approach, with the adventure here taking the reader into a fantasy environment, using recognisable myths as the basis for the story.

Rise of the Mythix is set in the North Kingdom, where William James, the Soul Collector, rules with an iron grip.  Thanks to his magical ability to turn people into paintings, as well as the support of his feared KG (Kingdom Guards), he’s an unstoppable force, and the people live in fear of their cruel ruler.  But legends tell of three heroes who can save the kingdom, which is where the Mythix come in.  These are three very familiar figures inspired by mythology, teenagers who must come together to save the kingdom from the Soul Collector’s tyranny.

The first book, Golden Unicorn, sets up the world and introduces Kelly, who decides to reveal herself and her powers after her mother’s capture.  Mighty Minotaur then brings Minh into the story, a boy so strong he can lift cars and pull ploughs.  Having teamed up, the two find themselves in trouble, and Flight of the Griffin, the latest instalment, begins with Kelly, Minh and Stanley, an advisor who has turned against the Soul Collector, in trouble – until help arrives from an unexpected quarter:

Kelly and Minh stared in amazement at the golden-haired Elite with eagle wings hanging from the bars outside their cell.
“Listen,” the winged guy said, “we don’t have much time…”
“The Griffin!” cried Stanley, pushing in between Kelly and Minh.  “Look, it’s him!”
Flight of the Griffin, p.1 (Allen & Unwin, 2021)

This is Jimmy, an insider ready to help, and with the three heroes finally together, surely victory is in sight?  Well, there’s still the small matter of the KG, and as it happens, the Soul Collector has one more trick up his sleeve…

The Rise of the Mythix is another fun romp, with great illustrations and lashings of adventure, meaning Hayley enjoyed it immensely, and if you like the sound of all that, there’s good news on the horizon.  You see, while I was keeping it a secret, my little helper is quite proficient at Google searches now, and she recently stumbled across the Allen & Unwin website – where she discovered that the fourth part, Legends Unite, is out later this year.  Good news, yes, except for one thing – now, for the next few months, I have to listen to Hayley asking if it’s out yet on a daily basis…

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