September 2022 Wrap-Up

September, for a number of reasons, didn’t bring as many review posts as is usually the case, but what it lacked in quantity, it certainly made up for in quality, as you’ll soon see.  However, behind the scenes, I was enjoying an excellent reading month, with a great mix of first- and rereads throughout September.

I’m sure you’re all itching to know just what some of these books were, but don’t be too hasty – there’s an order to these things around here.  First, we have the stats, then you can see the books 🙂

Total Books Read: 15
Year-to-Date: 119

New: 10
Rereads: 5

From the Shelves: 8
Review Copies: 7
From the Library: 0
On the Kindle: 0 (0 review copies)

Novels: 9
Novellas: 1
Short Stories: 5
Non-Fiction: 0

Non-English Language: 15
(4 German, 4 French, 3 Korean, Uyghur, Spanish, Norwegian, Turkish)
In Original Language: 5 (4 German, French)

Books Reviewed in September were:
1) Retrospective by Juan Gabriel Vásquez
2) Rosa’s Very Own Personal Revolution by Éric Dupont
3) The Age of Doubt by Pak Kyongni
4) The Backstreets by Perhat Tursun
5) Still Born by Guadalupe Nettel
6) The Pastor by Hanne Ørstavik
7) The Black Notebook by Patrick Modiano

Tony’s Turkey for September is: Nothing

This was a high-quality month, with nothing approaching a turkey to speak of.  Which is OK – I have plenty in stock from earlier in the year…

Tony’s Recommendation for September is:
Perhat Tursun’s The Backstreets

As was the case last month, I was spoiled for choice, and in another month, several writers, such as Nettel and Modiano, would have easily won out (I could even add to that list…).  In the end, though, I’ve opted for Tursun’s wonderful, mesmerising walk through the streets of Ürümchi in the company of a man who just wants somewhere to call home…

Looking ahead to October, then, I can see that I’ll be alternating between some review copies (including a particularly big one) and a few other books from the shelves.  Just a reminder to prepare yourselves for November, though.  As always, I’ll be putting a lot of effort into German Literature Month, and I suggest you do the same 😉


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