Tony’s Translations

Literary translation is something that I sort of fell into after years of admiring other translators’ work, and while my only actual paid job was from the (Quebec) French (you can see my effort in this sample as it’s the first story!), all of the little projects I’ve published on the blog have been short slices of classic German literature.  Click on the links below if you’d like to read any of these pieces, most (if not all) of which are unavailable in English anywhere else – enjoy 🙂


Karoline von Günderrode
‘Story of a Brahmin’ (‘Geschichte eines Brahminen’)

Ricarda Huch
Fra Celeste
‘The End of the World’ (‘Weltuntergang’)
‘Once Upon a Lie’ (‘Lügenmärchen’)

Eduard Graf von Keyserling
Sultry Days (Schwüle Tage)
Experiences of Love (Seine Liebeserfahrung)
‘Neighbours’ (‘Nachbarn’)
Am Südhang (On Southern Slopes) – Extract

Theodor Storm
‘Stormy Night’ (‘Sturmnacht’ – poem)