Library of Korean Literature Reviews

Here is a list of the Dalkey Archive Press / LTI Korea Library of Korean Literature books – any title with a link has my review of the book.  This is an ongoing project, and I hope to review them all at some point 🙂

1) Stingray by Kim Yoo-jung
2) One Spoon on this Earth by Hyun Ki-young
3) When Adam Opens his Eyes by Jang Jung-il
4) My Son’s Girlfriend by Jung Mi-kyung
5) A Most Ambiguous Sunday by Jung Young Moon
6) The House with a Sunken Courtyard by Kim Won-il
7) At Least we Can Apologize by Lee Ki-ho
8) The Soil by Yi Kwang-su
9) Lonesome You by Park Wan-suh
10) No One Writes Back by Jang Eun-jin
11) Pavane for a Dead Princess by Park Min-gyu
12) The Square by Choi In-hun
13) Scenes from the Enlightenment by Kim Namcheon
14) Another Man’s City by Ch’oe In-ho
15) The Republic of Užupis by Haïlji
16) Rina by Kang Young-sook
17) The Private Life of Plants by Lee Seung-u
18) God Has No Grandchildren by Kim Gyeong-uk
19) A Good Family by Seo Haijin
20) Son of Man by Yi Mun-yol
21) Beauty Looks Down on Me by Eun Heekyung
22) The Amusing Life by Song Sokze
23) Evening Proposal by Pyun Hye Young
24) Turbid River by Ch’ae Man-shik
25) The Library of Musical Instruments by Kim Junghyuk
26) Mannequin by Ch’oe Yun

X) A Contrived World by Jung Young Moon

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